Product Offerings


Our peppers are locally sourced and processed by our wholly-owned Honduran subsidiary, Mount Dora Farms. With an annual capacity of nearly twenty-five million processed pounds, Mount Dora Farms processing plant in Comayagua, Honduras, can provide different jalapeño pepper presentations, both green and red, throughout the year.

If you require unique specifications, we can be quite flexible. We proudly provide sizes other than standard ones.

Mount Dora Farms works with a dedicated group of skilled farmers located throughout Honduras to provide, on a “year-round” basis, the highest quality of raw peppers. Mount Dora Farms provides these reliable growers with seedlings from our own greenhouses for optimal quality control and to ensure timely harvest cycles. Our plant experts provide technical support and assistance to these farmers. The result is a pepper that is consistently uniform in size and texture and meets our highest quality standards.

Located in Comayagua, a fertile valley in central Honduras, the plant is a state-of-the-art facility that recently underwent significant expansion and continuous improvement in both efficiency and quality. The processing complex receives raw peppers throughout the year.


The product can be packaged in sealed bags of various sizes. All products are set in a vinegar preservative.
Additional information about our specifications can be found in our most recent brochure. Click here
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